Power Edge Pro Comes to Northbrook!

On Tuesday 9/12 and Wednesday 9/13 the PEP staff will be here to train our coaches on using the system and also conduct a clinic for all our travel players. As such, the ice schedules will be slightly different.

Tuesday, Sept 12 

5:50-6:50p - Rink B - Coaches only instruction (no players on the ice)

6:50-7:20p - Rink A - Coaches only instruction (no players on the ice) 

7:20-9p - PW 1,2 - PEP Clinic ran by PEP with players on the ice

Wednesday, Sept 13   

5-6p - Mites (player clinic ran by PEP)

6:10-7:10p - Squirts (player clinic ran by PEP)

7:20-8:20p - BT1 / 2 / 3 (player clinic ran by PEP)

8:30-9:30p - BT1 / BT2 / BT3 (player clinic ran by PEP)