Locker Room Policy

USA Hockey Locker Room Policy

Under USA Hockey’s current Locker Room Policy “all USA Hockey Member Programs are required to have at least one responsible [NCSI screened and SafeSport trained] adult (which may include coaches, managers or other volunteers) present at all times and monitoring the locker room during all team events to assure that only Participants (coaches and players), approved team personnel and family members are permitted in the locker room and to supervise the conduct in the locker room.” While USA Hockey expressly prefers that locker room monitors remain inside the locker room while Participants are present, if the monitor is “in the immediate vicinity outside the locker room (near the door within arm’s length and so that the monitor can sufficiently hear inside the locker room) who also regularly and frequently enters the locker room to monitor activity inside,” the Member Program is in compliance.

NBHL Locker Room Policy

Practices for supervising and monitoring locker rooms and changing areas

  • Coaches and NCSI screened and SafeSport certified volunteers, "locker room monitors," will be responsible for monitoring the locker rooms while in use by players. To maintain privacy, locker room monitors may remain just outside the locker room door, within listening distance, to ensure a safe and appropriate environment.
  • Players are not allowed in the locker room until a locker room monitor is present. One player and one adult should not be in the locker room at any time unless the adult is that player's parent.
  • Time in the locker room.
  • Practices: Players will be allowed in the locker room approximately 20 minutes before practice and should leave the locker room within 15 minutes after practice.
  • Games: Players are expected to arrive at the time requested by coaches but should not use the locker room until a monitor is present. Players are expected to leave the locker room within 15 minutes after the coaches' post-game talk.

Permission or lack of permission for parents to be in the locker room

  • Only coaches, players, and NCSI screened and SafeSport certified volunteers are allowed in the locker room. Parents of young players (Squirt aged and younger) will be allowed in the locker room to help with equipment and should exit the locker room once completed.
  • Parents of injured players or other special situations will be allowed at the locker room monitor's discretion.

Prohibited conduct, including all forms of abuse and misconduct prohibited by USA Hockey

  • Physical, sexual, emotional, and other types of abuse and misconduct such as hazing, bullying, and harassment are strictly prohibited.
  • Players should be respectful of each other's personal space and property. Playing with, throwing, or hiding other players' equipment and personal belongings will not be tolerated.

Specific policies regarding the use of mobile electronic devices and phones and prohibiting the use of a device's recording capabilities

  • Cell phones and other electronic devices with recording capabilities are prohibited from being used in the locker room.

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