Tactic Off-Ice Training

To the Bluehawks players and parents,

Tactic Sports Performance has been training both individual hockey players and teams since its start in 2017 with great success in improving athleticism, strength, speed, and power. We pride ourselves in ensuring that every athlete is fully prepared for the rigors of the season and to give the coaches a better product on the ice. Championships are our goal, and we want to assist in letting you all hang banners this upcoming season. I implore you to find the time to attend, be consistent, build team chemistry, and work your tails off this season.

Strength and off-ice skills training is crucial for hockey players as it helps them improve their power, speed, and endurance, allowing them to perform better on the ice. Hockey involves explosive movements such as skating, shooting, and body checking, which require a strong and stable base. Strength exercises help hockey players build muscle mass, increase bone density, and improve their overall fitness level, reducing the risk of injuries. It’s been found that strength training is the biggest factor in reducing injury potential as the stronger the muscle gets, the more it can support the tendons, ligaments, and bones.

Each session will work on skill sets and movement patterns that benefit on-ice performance. Acceleration, deceleration, top-end speed, stability and balance, lower body and upper body strength, rotational power, and much more. We will educate on proper warm-up and cool downs, mobility and stretching techniques, appropriate nutrition information, and the importance or sleep for an athlete.

Additionally, our entire staff are Functional Range Conditioning Mobility specialists, and we will be incorporating the system into sessions to increase capsular space of joints, training the end range strength of muscles, and improving the overall movement quality of each athlete. This will be a massive advantage over any program in the area and a true game changer to ensuring our athletes stay on the ice.

Overall, our in-season training will benefit a hockey player’s overall development, helping them to become faster, more powerful, and more resilient athletes. We hope you take advantage of this amazing opportunity as we are very excited to get the opportunity to work with and develop the players of the Northbrook Bluehawks!


Casey Tiesman, Owner Tactic Sports Performance

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