Spring Mite Travel

The Northbrook Bluehawks are excited to announce our 2023 Mite Travel Spring Hockey Program! This program will begin with evaluations to determine team placement. All players/teams will be on the ice approximately 3 times per week. We have restructured our program to include more tournaments/games this year. Each team will play 2-4 local games and participate in 1 tournament. Our vision is focused toward optimal player development and unique competitive tournament experiences. Our practice schedule will have an emphasis on skills/positional drills, small area games/scrimmages, and team practices run by our elite hockey staff. Players planning on returning for the Fall 2023-24 season are strongly encouraged to play to continue his/her player development. GO BLUEHAWKS!


Birth Years: 2015-2017

2014 birth year players move up to Squirts in the spring. Please see our Spring Travel (SQ/PW/BTM) Program.


The season will run from March 8 through May 24. There will be nothing scheduled during Spring Break, March 24 to April 2. While we strive to provide a consistent ice schedule, please know that the Sports Center also has other events that will impact the ice schedule each team skates that we do not have control over. As a general rule, here is when our teams and groups will be on the ice:

Mite Travel: Tuesdays 5:45 & Thursdays 6:30

Additionally, we have incorporated what we are calling the "Blue-White Games" which will involve the use of small-area games in a 3 on 3 or 4 on 4 format designed to increase puck touches and creativity in our players. Each group can expect 4 or 5 of these either on Friday nights or Sunday mornings.

Weekly Sessions

Each team will follow 3 weekly sessions:

StickSpin/ American Development Model (ADM) with Bluehawk Staff / Positional Specific Training (Session 1): First skate of every week will consist of skill work. Cody Murphy, Hockey Director, will run his StickSpin clinics which focus on stick handling and puck control. StickSpin is a program with 10+ years of history in the North Shore, with alumni in the NHL/NCAA ranks. Here is a video testimony:

These sessions will include other skill based training such as power skating, shooting, etc. Players will also be split into groups (Forward/Defense split) to focus on positional specific training.

Team Practice (Session 2): Each team will have a weekly team practice to help prepare for game play.

Blue & White Games (Session 3): Scrimmages 3v3, 4v4, 5v5 and small area games.


Developing and investing in our goaltenders is a huge part of the Northbrook Bluehawks Spring Program. All goaltenders will have at least nine on-ice goalie-specific training clinics with our Goalie Coach Rob Schmidt. During these on-ice sessions, goalies will master fundamentals and build a strong foundation. Each session will focus on skill development such as skating, angles, positioning, save selection, playing the puck, post integration, and more. Training tools such as mini pucks, white pucks, screen boards, deflection boards, vision goggles, the pro angle, and focus enhancers will be implemented in these sessions. Off the ice, goaltenders will develop a strong mental game, get individual feedback/reviews with Rob, have video sessions, and dryland training.

Games & Tournaments

Each team will play 2-4 games in addition to the tournament listed below.

Battle on the Boarder: Gurnee, IL

  • Mite AA: May 12-14
  • Mite A: May 19-21


Players will receive a reversible Northbrook Bluehawks jersey.

AAU Membership

Each player is required to obtain an AAU membership before the start of the season. If your player had a membership for the Fall Season, a new one is not needed for the Spring Season. Please enter our club code W378CW when registering with AAU.


Ken Johnson

Director of Hockey Development

(847) 997-4625

Spring 2023

Skater $800
Goalie $400


March 8 @6:40pm NB-B
March 12 @2:40pm NB-B

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