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The 2020 Krolak Cup

2020 Krolak Cup Tournament

The Krolak Cup Tournament begins with the arrival of the Swedish hockey players and families on Saturday afternoon April 11.  Opening Ceremonies will be held on Tuesday, April 14th at 7:15 pm at the Northbrook Rink.  The  games will played April 14-18. 

The Krolak Cup Tournament is held in memory of Bob Krolak.  Bob started the tradition of bringing teams to Sweden and then hosting them in a local tournament.  He was a resident of Northbrook and friend to many on both sides of the pond.

2019 Palle Ambassador Award Winners

Malte Bäckman from Huddinge and Noah Becker from the Northbrook Bluehawks pictured with Sylvain Turcotte

Congratulations to Palle Ambassador Award Recipients